I do like to use EXT4 for all my computers filesystems, anyway car MP3 players adn other commercial products only support

FAT32(LBA) system.

With Linux we have the fdisk and mkfs commands to do the job.

Switch to root with su or sudo and find your volume with fdsik -l


Now create a partition table with FAT32(LBA) system with fdisk /dev/sdc then:

o (erase old partitions)

n (new partition)

p (primary)

1 (firts partition)

ok (fisrts sector)

ok (last sector(entire volume))

t (partition type)

c (FAT32 LBA)

w (write changes and exit)


The partition table is now ok, time to format with mkfs.vfat /dev/sdc1


Here we are, now you should see the device on your file manager (if not disconnect / reconnect the device), copy your music inside and you are done.