Attention! The balun i added is wrong, this type of antenna doesn't require the balun, i tested

the coil one and the 1/2 coax version and the perfarmance are bad, therefore connect the coaxial 

cable directly to the dipole element.

This antenna comes from the original author

but my materials are different. Another good thing i did is about

the wi-fi card that is outside just near the antenna to avoid signal loss, then i connected

all the stuff with a long USB cable. I protected the copper elements with PLASTIK 70

by Kontakt Chemie, this 'little' antenna lives outside...


 MG 2875

 MG 2876

 MG 2878

 MG 2879

 MG 2881

 MG 2882

 MG 2890

 MG 2889

 MG 2883

 MG 2884

 MG 2888