Another integrated audio amplifier, 10+10W and mostly SMT, there is the option to bridge the 2 channel and obtain a mono channel up to

25Watt (the 5th picture below the others), watch the silkscreen and the scheme for details (bottom).

Download gerber

ampli-tda2009 00

ampli-tda2009 002

ampli-tda2009 01

tda2009 brd

tda2009 bridge 01



tda2009 sch







Small 2 transistor low voltage alert (a red led lights). If you wanna change the voltage treshold simply change

the R3 value with the formula: R3=R1/(Vin/0.7-1).


02 11 14-00:06:20

02 11 14-00:06:39

 MG 2846

 MG 2856



It's an experiment....

Download scheme.


vumeter brd

 MG 2312

 MG 2313

 MG 2323

8 to 18V max VCC.


TDA2003 AMPLI brd

TDA2003 AMPLI sch

tda 2003 00

 MG 3097







A small class A ampli.

mini ampli

mini ampli sch

 MG 2317

 MG 2319